Grumpy Gears services

The tools of the trade

When it comes to digital business services such as web design, graphic design, and web hosting, Grumpy Gears does it all. Whether you are a brand new business looking to establish a brand identity, or large corporation that just misses having that small business touch, we can help you. We offer web design, graphic design, and web hosting services for all.

But thats not all. Whatever your needs, Grumpy Gears is here to help. If your business need something besides what is listed here, give us a shout! We would love to help you with whatever needs you have, whether they be big or small.

We did not start out as a web design company, but it became apparent very quickly that our customers desired high quality and responsive web design. We listen to our clients needs, and as such, we have added web page design services to our ever growing portfolio. Need a landing page? We can do that. Need a whole website for your fledgling business or blog? Easy. We can even design a fully functional turn-key solution for your e-commerce store. Our web design solutions are geared towards making your dream website flourish and grow into exactly what you need it to be. Our cost to value ratio for our web design services cannot be beat.

Graphic design is where it all started with us. It may sound like a cliché, but graphic design is truly our passion. Logo design, business cards, promotional material, event flyers, the list goes on and on! Grumpy Gears aims to help you build your brand identity in a simple and Our designs always include a branding guide so you know how and when to use your design effectively. And that's just it. Its YOUR design. Tell us what you need, give us your vision, and we will bring it to life for YOU.

What is Web Hosting? Simply put, it is sort of like renting a house. You have everything you need to move in, you just need somewhere to put it. That is where we come in. Instead of a house, you are renting space on our server so your website can be seen by the world! While many of the larger web hosting companies use slower and clunkier spinning Hard Drives (HDD's) on their servers, we use Solid State Drives (SSD's). That means faster load times, snappier operation, and less risk of failure! Our hosting plans offer free SSL certificates, weekly backups, email, unlimited add-on domains, and 24/7 uptime monitoring, and WAY more! Dump the huge corporate hosting companies and get geared up to take your web capabilties to a new level with Grumpy Gears Hosting!